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1- How to prevent the use of browser RAM memory

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You can use the browser for endless tasks: browsing the web (obviously), watching videos, creating documents, spreadsheets … and all of these will quickly start to use up a significant amount of your computer’s resources, especially when you start to accumulate open tabs. However, there are ways around it.

First: the fewer browser tabs you open, the better, at least when it comes to memory. While it may be tempting to keep everything open, it’s beneficial to gradually close the tabs you have completed. Close without fear.

If you can not reduce the number of open tabs, you have other options. First, keep your browser software up to date. These updates often include updates and changes that reduce the amount of RAM (and CPU) your browser uses. If you open your browser task manager, you can see which websites and tabs use the most resources. In Chrome, Firefox and Edge, you’ll find it in the “More Tools” drop-down menu. Unfortunately you do not have this option in Safari.

Browser extensions are another feature that consumes RAM.

Any plugin that you do not use seriously only uses computer resources that can be used for other tasks. Open the list of extensions in your browser and remove the unwanted ones.

2- The future of metawares

Why invest in virtual “land”?

The idea of ​​spending thousands or millions of dollars to buy an imaginary “land” in the virtual world may be absurd. But in recent months we have seen significant investment in virtual land.

Consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the latest companies to enter the sandbox real estate market, one of the virtual world platforms where people can hang out, play games or attend concerts. PwC paid a substantial sum, although the final amount was not released. Another person recently bought $ 450,000 worth of land in SnoopWorks, the virtual world emerging in the rapper SnoopDog sandbox. Although the virtual properties do not provide physical shelter, there are some parallels. You can create them by purchasing virtual real estate. Or you can choose the already built house you want. You can customize it with various (digital) objects. You can invite friends and visit other people’s virtual homes. This view is still far away. But while this may seem utterly absurd, we must remember that there was a time when people were skeptical about the potential of the Internet and social networks. Techies predict that Metawares will mature into a fully functional economy in the next few years, as well as a coherent digital experience that integrates with our lives as email and social media currently exist.

3- Prohibited messages

In such cases WhatsApp may delete your account

Although WhatsApp cannot interrogate messages exchanged within each group due to end-to-end encryption, it can review the names of group chats and block names that do not respect the terms of use.

For example, you should never head to a group with the word “pedophilia” because it violates the rules of use mentioned above and may indicate that you may share inappropriate content.

In 2019, many users reported that their profile in the app was blocked because an unwise member changed the name of the group conversation to this restricted word.

If you use this name, WhatsApp will not only block your account, it will completely delete all your conversations and their information (photos, videos, messages, documents, etc.); In other words, the account will be deleted altogether.

The same measures will be applied to WhatsApp accounts that have been found to promote fake news, a measure reinforced during corona virus infections.

Its purpose is to remove misinformation or misleading messages that may create paranoia in the community. Also, you will be blocked by false advertisements disguised as information and scams.

Finally, accounts that announce that WhatsApp will be shut down or start charging for the service will also be blocked.

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