January 28, 2022

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This Sonic Game Blue brought hedgehog platforms to mobile phones, but Sega abandoned the idea

The creators of Leap Day, Nitrom, have shared an old demo of the vertical version of Senior Copyright.

The last Gala de Sports Awards He introduced us to what Seka’s next plan is for the hedgehog, who is very popular in video games. Sonic Frontiers bet on the open world and exploration In a game with extraordinary graphics in ownership. But far from 3D projects, Nitrom Tried to bring hedgehog on mobiles Very different approach Who we know.

Can be played with one handThe company that shared this interesting story through its official Twitter account has shown it Demo for how it would have been This version of the classic operating system. The visual and audio section sought to recreate what was seen Mega drive, With designs similar to those we encountered in practice 16 bits Sega.

The game will have new levels and adaptations of the classicsSignificant difference is found Its sportiness, Bet on an original system Vertical bases, Sonic has to climb on the plane moving upwards, allowing the vertical to play on mobile and one hand. The structure is the same Study used with Leap Day.

In the game, Sonic will constantly scroll We make a jump with one click on the screen With character. We do not know if this particular formula worked for Sonic, but unfortunately, we never know. The study agrees, however They gave the demo to Seka and they saw no potential. Nitrome’s Sonic releases a new status every day based on new and classic levels. The competition will end on the weekend and whoever completes all the stages will win Supersonic.

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