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This Is Us Season 7: Release Date | How many This Is Us left?

This Is Us Season 7

This Is Us Season 7

This Is Us Season 7: “It’s not that we don’t have any more stories to tell,” explains Fogelman.

Even though we’ve known since spring 2021 that Season 6 of This Is Us would be the final season,

We’re not ready to let The Big Three and their families go.

The Emmy-winning Drama Has Been Making Viewers Cry for Six Years!

Of course, much of this may be attributed to the film’s superb actors.

Mandy Moore (Rebecca), Milo Ventimiglia (Jack), Sterling K. Brown (Randall), and Chrissy Metz (Randall) are among the cast members (Kate).

Susan Kelechi Watson and Justin Hartley (Kevin) (Beth). Another element is the show’s wide range of topics.

This Is Us is a cathartic experience because every viewer can find something to identify with.

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The series has explored a wide range of topics, including eating disorders, sorrow, addiction, and racism, all while bouncing back and forth in time to illustrate the individuals’ whole lives.

We’re Only Going to Go Deeper in Season 6

Fans are wondering how everything will be wrapped up as doubts concerning Rebecca’s Alzheimer’s and Kate and Toby’s marriage loom.

this is us season 7

After all, there aren’t many episodes left.

But why is this Us coming to an end? It might help to know that series creator Dan Fogelman isn’t quite ready to let go yet.

“It’s difficult to say goodbye to something you care about, so I’m not sure everyone thinks now is the best time.”

In February, he said this at a Television Critics Association press event.

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“Because I believe that if we could all just snap our fingers and have more of this, we would.”

Of Course; This Raises the Question of Why Not Move on to Season 7?

Why Isn’t There a Season 7 of This Is Us?

It’s straightforward for Fogelman: when the program began in 2016, he intended to end it with Season 6.

this is us season 7

He believes that continuing with Season 7 and beyond could damage the series’ quality and integrity.

He said at the TCA event, “It’s not because we don’t have any more stories to tell.”

“It’s because we had everything planned out. So we’re on a five-year plan, and we’re now pivoting and adding more because we don’t want it to come to an end.

It wouldn’t be as accountable to the show and what we’ve planned, and it’d start to morph into something different “he stated

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fogelman first imagined the series ending during Season 1.

He Hasn’t Modified It in All These Years

My hope for the concert is that it sends forth a positive and hopeful message.

this is us season 7

In an attempt to bring some good into the world at a tough moment, and to make people feel something, “he stated

“And, hopefully, the emotion they’re experiencing isn’t just grief or ugliness, but also something lovely and peaceful.

That is my final wish for the situation. We won’t be able to assess whether we get there or not. But that is the objective.”

Will There Be a Follow-up Series?

There are no plans for a This Is Us spinoff at this time. However, Fogelman has stated that he is keeping an open mind about the possibilities.

“The storylines of these characters are told once you’ve seen the end of Season 6,” he told Variety.

“There isn’t much of a spinoff because you already know everything.” Is there a sequel to the show?

I suppose you can’t say never, but I don’t think so. It’s personal to me, and I don’t think I’ll ever pick it up again.”

If he changes his mind, he should speak with Metz, who has already considered a conceivable concept.

“It could be a fun spinoff to have a family that was somehow connected to the Pearsons.

However, they are not always related “She revealed this to Entertainment Tonight. “And perhaps we might come in and out as needed.

We could come in and out of their story as they came in and out of ours. Having another family would be interesting.”

What About a Film Adaptation of This Is Us?

It’s almost impossible to picture seeing This Is Us on the big screen, but is it even possible?

The answer to this issue, like whether or not we’ll receive a spinoff, is up to Fogelman.

“I’m quite aware that I’m on the verge of a midlife crisis, and that whatever I do next will pale in contrast to this program and these actors.”

At the TCA event, he stated. “As a result, I refuse to say no to anything… I’d love to get back together with these people and do it if we can work out a movie down the line.”

Hartley also stated that he would be entirely supportive of a film. “I would do a trilogy film.

Every year, I’d make a film with these men “He revealed this to Access Hollywood.

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