This is the new look of Akihabara

The removal of large hedgehog corporate logos marks the end of the era for video games in Japan.

SEGA hides from iconic arcade buildings: This is the new look of Akihabara

In January of the same year, Sega Sami announced the sale of its arcade divisionGoes into the hands Genta GigoFollowing its acquisition of an 85.1% stake in Sega Entertainment in 2020, the SEGA division manages its sports centers in Japan. GiGO bought the remaining 14.9% stake Sega SamiLeave her Outside the arcade market.

It marks the end of SEGA’s era in the late 1960s, reaching nearly 1,000 rooms nationwide in the 1990s. More than 50 years of history came to an end Removed the company’s famous banners from the majestic red buildings of Tokyo’s Akihabara. Were part of the popular culture.

Zenda leader Hisashi Katoka shared Appearance of buildings with new GiGO signs. Social media has also been filled with photos taken by Japanese fans of the moment when popular banners were removed. These have been collected by VGCThose who confirmed that the replacement had occurred Friday night.

Some of these buildings lived Very emotional moments After last year Seka Ikebukuro Jiko closure, one of the most iconic buildings in JapanHas been open for over 28 years. During the closure, a poster was displayed Thanks to the fansCrowded at the gates of the popular entertainment center.

Has become SEGA Respects the golden age of the arcade Its most iconic arcade, The Sega Astro cityAfter a classic version in horizontal screen layout, it will get Image display modelWith a collection of games full of classics Shoot them What Druxton, Terra Cresta or Confort.

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