This is the new football video game UFL that competes with FIFA and eFootball.

The game aims to eliminate FIFA

If there is one gaming industry with the most limited and dominant speeds, it is football simulators. FIFA Y PES -The eFootball, Now called – two clear expressions of this field and two names that are immediately recognized globally. In a universe that seems limited, a third player wants to deny undeniable dominance: UFL. Now that its first game has been unveiled, it looks forward to the experience it will provide.

In August last year, video game developer Strikers released a statement “Launch of a revolutionary new online international football league”. This new title promises to give users the option to select more than 5,000 licensed players, create their own club and compete with other players around the world.

“We’re football fans and interested in video games; we’ve been playing beautiful games on consoles for years, and we know what fans expect in a football simulator. We want to recreate football video games, starting from the ground up and providing a revolutionary, exciting and fair experience for gamers from all over the world.”, He explained Eugene Nashilov, CEO of Strikers Inc.

So far it looks like an attractive project, but it looks like it is already achievable in the market. What is the difference on this topic? First, It will be freecompetes directly with the eFootball program. UFL promises that its basic game will be free, but with its new features and updates. The game is built around the concept of “playing fair” and ensures a fair playing experience. “It seeks to prioritize talent and provide the option to succeed in the Czech book (called” Pay to Win “or” P2W “in English),” they explained.

You will have an advantage (and a warning) in the field of free experiences. Start eFootball It was really disastrous. Like the UFL, the new PES was presented as a “revolutionary football experience” with the goal of recreating the perfect playing environment and ensuring detailed details from the grass to the “grass” in various aspects. Was, it raised the need to abandon the PES brand and evolve to the new name.However, the players’ reach could not be greater than expected, the negative impact was felt deeply and the number of errors completely blunted the output.Now the update is expected to bring closer to the idea put forward by themselves.

But, in addition, it is an important axis to imagine the great potential it has in terms of the content of the alliances it has established. The Strikers cooperated on the one hand FIFPROInternational Union of Professional Footballers with over 65,000 associated players. On the other hand, he formed an alliance InsatA company dedicated to sports performance analysis that provides them with updated statistics of the names that appear in the title.

The game’s first gameplay using the Unreal Engine graphics engine was presented today, and it seeks to make full use of the “latest technologies that provide a superior experience”. The video highlights that players can manage every detail of their teams and that customization options are one of the strengths of the proposal. Defining transfers strategically and analyzing each player’s stats in detail will be necessary skills. In addition, it will have the opportunity to play alone, but the multiplayer experience will not be lost. Under the assumption that it is only necessary to play more to improve and get more options, They promise a fair matchmaking system that depends only on the skill of each player.

It was able to see in advance, as a sample of the large list of existing names Ginseng, Lukaku, Cristiano Ronaldo, De Bruyne and Firmino. Additionally, on the official page you can find some of the clubs you already own West Ham United or El Sporting de Lispoa.

“After many years of development, we are very pleased to see how UFL enters the scene at a time when technological advances allow this game to be recreated in a more realistic way never seen before in a virtual environment”, featured in a few months. Before Andrew Orsatti, Director of Marketing and Business Development at FIFPRO.

Although they did not give a release date and made it clear that it would come when it was really ready, they promised that the landing time would be this year and that it would be made on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. / S. After a six-year development process, the UFL must show that it can live up to the expectations it has created.

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