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Censorship policies in China are already popular in manga and anime media, especially broadcast by popular site Philippines. The latest case is similar to the second season of the animation Princess Connect! Re: DiveThis is introductory Guild Weiss Flugel Within animation.

This is made up of guild characters Monica Weisswind, Cuckoo Tommy, Yuki Nijimura Y Ninen JobartWith a second acting in this small moment of censorship. YukiThe protagonist finds Kwaka looking at a stack of pornographic magazines and burns them after discovering that he is consuming them for pleasure. It is clear that no reference to adult content can go through the filters in China, which is why the display is slightly different from the original. Notice also how the cuckoo’s split in China broadcasting is completely obscured.

The second season aired on January 10 and was confirmed with twelve episodes, while the first season aired in April 2020 and had a total of thirteen episodes. Grunchirol Responsible for its distribution in the West. Psychemes Previously announced, indeed Princess Connect! Re: Dive Will be a continuation of the game Princess Connect! Released in 2016.

It is one of the most successful anime owners in recent years, easily competing in body sales with programs like this Long live love! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Statue Doukoukai Y Long live love! Super star!!. On the other hand, the original video game is available worldwide on mobile devices, while on the Japanese server chart QooApp Inside This link.

Product Team

  • Takomi Kanasaki (Congratulations on Kono Subarashi Sekai!, School Rumble Ni Khaki, Tokyo Ravens) Management handles oversight, but changed Yasuo Iwamoto The direction of the project in studies Psyche Games Pictures.
  • About Satomi (3D Kanojo: The real girl, Beach Boy Riverside), Yasuyuki Noda (Chow Hatsumai Boy Kaniban, Duel Masters King) Y Mai Vathanabe They are responsible for character designing.
  • Imagination Responsible for the composition of the soundtrack.

Summary for the Princess Link! Re: Dive

On the continent of Austria, a man falls from the sky with no memories other than his own name. He appears before a divine woman named Kokoro as his guide in this world they are about to explore. Under Kokoro’s guidance, Yuki is able to learn the functions of the world, from fighting monsters to the functions of the economy. In order to earn money for their trip, Yuuki and Kokoro decided to sign up for the Guild and accept simple searches. In one of them they meet Pekorin, a gluttonous but beautiful female expert in war, and as soon as they meet Carly, a cat girl who specializes in magic. After a while, a friendly bond develops between the four of them, and they decide to create their own guild. But as their adventures continue, they will also uncover the mysteries behind Yuuki’s lost memories.

Fountain: Someone!

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