This is how the alloy travels to other universes

The iconic hunter has already begun his adventure through the Forbidden West on PS4 and PS5.

The day has come. Horizon Forbidden West, One of the most anticipated games of 2022, officially launched on PS4 and PS5. He noted that there are many hours of hard work behind this immense adventure Michelle JennerThe voice of Aloy in Spanish Chat with 3DJuegos Focuses on your experience. Now players can enjoy this adventure through the Forbidden West.

Beyond this they celebrate the release as well Various developers Those who appreciate the work of the guerrillas. Also, to commemorate such a moment, they have prepared some Creative Images Takes Aloy to the different universes of the video game industry. It is a combination of ideas that puts the killer in different and exciting situations.

If we talk about alloy, we can not help but remember her skill with the bow. They also feature this experience from Naughty Dog EllieHe has also starred in an epic film that connects the universe The Lost of Us Horizon: The Forbidden West.

But this installment also brings new maneuvers for its protagonist, which is the detail they first wanted to mention Sucker-punch. Authors of Sushima’s ghost They have reclaimed their role in order to share a place with Alo in a scene that could be a precursor to a major war.

Notes on Horizon’s release: The adventure will not only take place in the banned West PlayStation studios, as it will be celebrated by outdoor developers. This is the case UbisoftWho took his funny creatures to rest on the alloy from fighting with machines.

What do you think of these references to Horizon: Forbidden West? There are likely to be more pictures and tributes to Aloy across the internet, so do not hesitate Share the works that caught your attention. After all, it’s time to celebrate for all the players.

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