This is how Android applications work on Windows 11

Games like Lord’s Mobile, Jones Journey or Coin Master and apps like Kindle, Con Academy Kids or Lego Dublo World can be found in the Windows StoreHowever, the download is done through the Amazon App Store.

This process is made possible by the company’s new Windows subsystem for Android, Windows 11, which runs on the Hyper-V virtual machine. It works on computers with processors from the AMD, Intel and Qualcomm brands.

The company said in a statement that it hopes participants in the Insider program will help improve the use of Android applications in Windows 11. He also confirmed that more applications will be introduced in the coming months.

Windows 11

Windows 11 has been added to the standard for newer computers, and will be available for installation on upgradeable Windows 10 systems starting Tuesday, October 5th.

This is a newer version of your cloud based operating system designed to increase productivity. The system will be installed free of charge on all eligible computers running by mid-2022. Windows 11 is also compatible with Windows 10 systems.

Microsoft has announced that a 64-bit system on a chip (SoC) or processor is required to install the new version, with frequencies of at least 1GHz or two or more cores, as well as at least 4GB of RAM memory and 64GB or more internal capacity. It requires more than a 9-inch cross-section of UEFI firmware with secure boot, reliable platform module (version 2.0), DirectX 12 support, and a high-definition monitor with a resolution of 720 pixels.

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