Is The South Korean Drama “Thirty-Nine Season 2” Being Ordered?


Thirty-Nine Season 2: Thirty-Nine is a South Korean television series which is directed by Kim Sang-ho and written by Yoo Yeong-ah. The series revolves around the life, romance, love, and friendship of three friends who are about to turn forty.

The Starring are Son Ye-Jin, Kim ji-Hyun, and Jeon Mi-do. Music is given by Gwon Young-chan and producers Choi Byung-hwan, Kim Se-ah, and Jeong Gyeong-Jae. Production Companies of this series are Lotte Cultureworks and JTBC Studios. 

It premiered on JTBC and aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 (KST)  on February 16, 2022, for 12 episodes. It is available for streaming on Dramafever, Netflix, Asiancrush, Hulu, Viki, Dramago, and Kissasian.

The Running Time of the series is 1 hour 30 minutes. The official trailer of Thirty-Nine Season 2 is not out yet. Looks like it will be released soon. 

If you’ve never seen the series before and are curious about its quality, I can assure you it’s great! An IMDb score of 7.4 /10 is respectable and at Rottentomatoes an average audience score of 65% for the show. If you’re still undecided about this series I recommend you watch it, and see what others have to say about it after you.

The show follows the lives of three friends who are all approaching the age of 40 and dealing with the challenges and changes that come with this milestone. The play also features a complicated relationship between two former lovers; what others might consider an extramarital affair. 

Thirty-Nine Season 2

The three friends are Cha Mi-jo, a documentary filmmaker; Han Ji-Yong, a freelance photographer; and Lee Seung-Yoo, a doctor. While a bit of romance adds more excitement to the lives of unmarried girls, like most other K-dramas, it also subtly highlights the importance of health check-ups.

As the story slowly unfolds from the second episode, you have tears in your eyes when you learn that one of them is suffering from the fourth stage of pancreatic cancer; Instead, it is due to the desperation of a friend who cannot bear the thought of losing a friend.

In a touching scene, grief expressed as anger prompts Cha Mi-do to cry beside Jeong Chan-young’s ex-boyfriend Kim Jin-Seok (played by Lee Moo-sang).

From the second episode onwards the series is about Jeong Cha-young being the ‘happiest terminally ill patient’ which they eventually realize is not that simple.

I’m not kidding, after this, you’ll pick up your phone to contact your BFFs to remind them you love them. However, Thirty-Nine is no tear-jerker. You laugh more than you cry. The emotional struggle through each character – including the men (in supporting roles) – is a reminder that no matter how much one smiles, everyone is fighting a battle within.

Episode by episode reminder to be there for your loved one when needed and follow your dreams. Apart from the story, it is fun to watch the clothes and styles.

Yeon Woo-jin as Cha Mi-do’s boyfriend Kim Seon-woo does a wonderful job as a supportive boyfriend and stands up to his sister and boyfriend’s adopted status.

Jeong Cha-young stars as a helpless man caught between his marriage and ex-boyfriend and wants every woman to support him without knowing whether they should support him as the wife or the ex-boyfriend.

There is also a search for unkind and unkind opinions on adoption; It Shows how an adopted child can comfortably accept her ‘adopted’ status (though the father adopted her for his political gains) and win over the adoptive family and her siblings.

As they approach their 40th birthdays, each of their friends faces their unique struggles and desires. Mi-jo is dealing with a career setback and is questioning her life choices.

Ji-Yong is dealing with a relationship crisis and struggling with his commitment to his girlfriend. Seung-Yoo is trying to balance his busy career as a doctor with his family life, which includes a wife and a young daughter.

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Throughout the series, the three friends lean on each other for support and try to navigate their respective challenges. As they approach their 40th birthdays, they also reflect on the past and contemplate what the future holds for them.

The show explores themes of friendship, love, career, and the challenges of getting older. Thirty-Nine ends with everyone being reminded that even though his absence will be missed, life goes on.

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