They will create a “black box” for the earth to record every step towards a possible climate disaster.

A team of researchers has left for Australia Create a big black box in the hopes of teaching future civilizations About mistakes against nature and the planet, with the intention of preventing them from happening again.

Released early next year (2022), The project is already documenting every aspect of modern human history, Mainly through social media and news websites.

Clemente BBDO, a marketing communications company, started in collaboration with the University of Tasmania, the idea for the box Record “every step we take” towards climate change disaster.

If our current civilization is destroyed, The box gives future civilizations an idea of ​​the mistakes we have made. The actual box is larger than the average single-deck bus and Made of 3 inch thick steel, Covered by solar panels. This includes many storage hard drives that store climate change-related data, such as carbon dioxide levels in the air. It also likes average temperatures.

With them you can create accurate image (confidently) using web hard drive collection data, tweets, Facebook posts, news and headlines. How the destruction occurred. It is expected that world leaders will change their course of action if they learn about this plan and know that all of their political moves are now being recorded.

According to ABC News In Australia, it is predicted that the team behind him The storage capacity will be exhausted in 30 to 50 years, But there are plans to increase it as published Daily Mail.

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