They reveal how much it costs Apple to make each iPhone 13 Pro

At all times IPhone They are usually sold Apple Save at the same price as the previous generation model, Price of components IPhone 13 This is more than its predecessors.

Portal Technical intelligence Made a calculation from hardware components to decorative frames, The price of each component and Apple’s new high-end cell phone has reached factory prices.

After many calculations and equations, the decision to produce the iPhone 13 Pro – including R&D or software – costs About $ 20 more than the device released in 2020.

Thus, making an iPhone 12 Pro, according to estimates, involves an investment of $ 548.50 An iPhone 13 Pro costs $ 570. The main reason is the increase in new components, however, this is not reflected in the final retail price.

New iPhone 13 Naked.

New iPhone 13 Naked.

Drawing a comparative line at retail prices such as its direct competitor Samsung Galaxy S21 + Unit, 13 Pro, $ 999 Production cost is $ 508.

The most expensive is the new A15 Bionic chipFlash memory (256GB in this case) or display accessory settings. The back cover is also more expensive than last year. Therefore, the profit margin will be slightly lower than what Apple achieved last year.

The iPhone’s profit margins are dropping a bit. Jump from iPhone 11 to iPhone 12 There was a 21% increaseVery significant number compared to the current generation 4% increase.

The new chip of the iPhone 13.

The new chip of the iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13 Pro comes with some new features, beyond the mandatory chip changes, and now comes with the A15 Bionic. The The camera system is much improved, Its battery is large and includes other changes to internal components such as the new location of the TrueDepth camera sensors.

Many speculated that the final price of the device may increase due to the lack of semiconductors. DSMC, Apple’s leading chip distributor, announced Rise in the cost of producing their chips weeks before the official presentation.

However, Apple decided to infer 10% increase in chips Without affecting the cost of marketing.

legislative Assembly

The entire iPhone lineup is primarily made by Foxconn with features in Zhengzhou, China. The location of this plant is considered as a small town as it has a large area. It is It covers 5.6 square kilometers and employs more than 350,000 employees.

Giant Foxconn, a subsidiary of Apple.  AB Photo

Giant Foxconn, a subsidiary of Apple. AB Photo

Labor is strengthened during the summer months (in China) when production should be high when the new generation iPhones are introduced to the market in September.

Are almost within the factory 100 production lines Its main function is to carry out the final stage of assembly and testing of mobile devices. At the facility, especially over 400 steps, a number of processes are carried out.

The problem that employees in the production chain may face is that they have to do repetitive tasks They do it daily at the factory during 12 hours of work.


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