They recover a trailer containing several discarded items

The video contains various models, removed enemies and the content of Resident Evil 1.5.

Evil of citizenship2 One of the best classics of its kind The horror of survival And one of Capcom’s most beloved games in the horror saga, the title of which featured A fantastic remake in 2019 And currently it is considered everything A cult game, But its growth was marked by a series of setbacks by the cancellation of the Resident Evil series and it was baptized Evil of Citizenship 1.5.

Liquor’s presentation was very different than what we encounteredIn this case, it was E3 is a trailer from 1997, leading to the release of Radiant Evil 2The recovered one, despite its quality, hides many Rejected items Some interesting enemies, different types of zombies, settings and background from the rejected RE 1.5, as well as some changes in writing patterns and weapons.

Evil of citizenship2

We can see the enemies being rejected as spider hybridsWe can see a different formula than the formula we know in the trailer Presentation of Scary Liquor, As Leon approached the pool of blood, his head fell down from the ceiling and immediately, the creature fell in front of us. She is serious Previous version Finally used, we meet the monster with the famous cut in the cinema.

Also highlights the rejected enemy, a The hybrid between man and spider. Resident Evil 1.5 was canceled by Capcom when it was about seventy percent of its growth and hides an interesting story behind the plan we tell you Essay by Mark Rolland, The Funs.

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