They record a powerful spark burning from the sun (video)


22 ene 2022 02:15 GMT

The energy burst appears like a bright flash of light in the upper right part of our star.

NASA this Friday released impressive images of a powerful spark launched from the sun.

In the upper right part of our star is characterized by an explosion of energy, which appears as a bright flash of light Level M5.5 or medium level Peaked at 06:01 (GMT) on January 20, 2022.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Laboratory constantly monitors solar activity through the projectile space telescope, filming the event.

According to a report Given According to the U.S. Space Agency, “Flares and Solar flares can affect radio communications, Power grids and navigation signals pose a danger to spacecraft and astronauts. “

M-class solar flares The second tallest guy Behind the X-Class flares, it can go up to X20, which represents an intense solar event.

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