June 30, 2022

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They have discovered what the second exomon in history will be and is 2.6 times larger than Earth

Possible satellite viewed by astronomers Near the gas giant Kepler 1708b, about 5,500 light-years from our planet. They are reported by Columbia University.

The Moon is located far from its star and is made of gas, Estimated to be 2.6 times larger than the diameter of the Earth. These characteristics are very similar to the first candidate object, which was announced in July and is considered to be an exomona 370 light-years from Earth.

This similarity is not trivial, explains David Kipping, one of the authors of the study. In search of satellites outside the solar system, Astronomers have focused more on orbits that resemble the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn., There are more than 100 moons in total. In addition, telescopes are not yet capable of detecting small celestial bodies.

“The first finding in any survey is usually bizarre. [satélites] The big ones can be easily detected by our limited sensitivity. “At the same time, he points out. A turning point for the science of vision: “Astronomers have so far identified more than 10,000 exoplanet candidates, but exomunions are the most challenging. They are unknown land.”

The discovery of Kepler’s Exomune 1708b has not yet been confirmed. And may take several years for verification to be published RT.