They discovered a magnetic tunnel covering the earth, which chronicles strange images in the sky.

Strange figures that scientists have seen in the sky since the 1960sEventually, after a team of astronomers from the University of Toronto in Canada discovered it, they seemed to have a logical explanation. The magnetic tunnel around the earth and it is coming to cover The Solar System And some nearby stars.

Since these magnetic mines are invisible to the human eye, we cannot see with the naked eye the shield around the earth and other common mines that may exist in other parts of the universe. Includes nearby stars.

Magnetic tunnel around the Earth, according to scientists. Source: Dominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory.

Jennifer West, An astronomer at the University of Toronto, one of the researchers who participated in the study, can be found on this site arXiv. In a press release, the West argued “If we look at the sky, we see this tunnel-shaped structure in every direction we look, that is, if we have eyes that see light from the radio.”.

In addition, the West explained it “Magnetic fields are not isolated. Everyone must connect with each other.”, So the next step “Understand how this local magnetic field connects to both the large galaxy magnetic field and the smaller magnetic fields of our Sun and Earth.”.

“A few years ago, one of our co-authors, Tom Landecker, told me about an article that came out in 1965 from the early days of radio astronomy.”The astronomer commented, and he said that too “Based on the source data available at the moment, the authors (Mathews & Milne) speculated that these polarized radio signals may have arisen from within the galaxy from our point of view.”.

Associated with the magnetic tunnel “North Pole Spur” And “Fan Area”, Studied from the 1960s. These structures connecting the two points are in the form of filament-like strings, located 350 light-years from Earth and 1,000 light-years long.

Magnetic tunnel discovered by scientists

“When Jennifer first proposed this to me, I thought it was ‘out of place’ which could not be a possible explanation. But she was finally able to convince me! Now I’m glad to see how the other astronomical community reacts.”, The famous astronomer Brian Kansler.

Thanks to the discovery, the team was able to determine that the distance to structures in the solar system is about 350 light years.. This includes an estimate of the North Pole spur distance based on Kia’s data earlier this year, which found that almost all light is within 500 light years.

The total length of the tunnel designed by West and his team is about 1,000 light years. This model shape corresponds to a wide range of observation characteristics of the North Pole spur and fan area, including the polarity of the electromagnetic radiation (i.e. how the wave rotates) and the brightness. “This is a very brilliant job,” concluded astronomer Kansler.

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