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They claim to have discovered the first planet outside the Milky Way

Many rational lines claim that the outer galaxies To hold planetary systems. However, it is impossible to detect them by the methods used by our scientists Milky Way. Now, a group of astronomers say they have found another way The first planet outside the Milky Way.

An alternative study by a team of researchers from the United States, China and Australia Temporal behavior of X-rays Emitted by light sources from outer galaxies. They found that they could detect “temporary eclipses” of those emissions. These intermittent blockages occur each time the planet, in its orbit, passes in front of an X-ray emission source.

Thus, claim to have discovered The first additional galaxy. Their research was published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Located at Whirlpool Galaxy (Popularly known as M51 according to the Messier list) 28 million light-years away, the object was discovered from the opacity of X-ray binary. A star 20 times larger than the Sun. Or another neutron orbiting a star A black hole.

According to NASA, the planet may be about the size of Saturn and the neutron star or black hole may be twice the distance between Saturn and our Sun.


The first known extraterrestrial was discovered in 1992. Since then, 4,538 worlds beyond the solar system have been confirmed; However, they all meet one condition: they are less than or equal to 3,000 light-years from Earth within our Milky Way.

The most known extraterrestrials Gas giants Equivalent to or larger than Jupiter, the orbits closest to its star and the shortest orbital periods are also called hot Jupiter. However, it is believed that this is the result of information dependence created by current detection methods Planets of this size can be easily detected Than smaller terrestrial planets.

Overall, the Exoplanets are comparable to ours They begin to detect, While increasing the skills and study time of the methods. The The first extra solar family Apsilon Andromeda was discovered with more than one planet.


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