June 30, 2022

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They accuse Karena of war royal theft

Crafton is seeking compensation for damages from all companies involved.

This is not the first time for developers PUBG: Battlefield Handed themselves over into the hands of righteousness. We all remember Court war He lived between Crofton and his then youth and success Fortnight, That Was in view of the studio during the long feud. In this case, the company has set its sights Free Fire and the latest Free Fire MAX, Karena’s Successful Mobile Battle Royale.

Crofton points to specific and common elements in the plagiarism chargeAs reported On the edge, Crafton The case continues To Granora, who is in charge of Free Fire and Free Fire MAX, “Copy in detail the many features of the battlefields, Individually and in general. ” Crafton points out elements such as opening the game from the air, the combination and selection of weapons, armor and unique materials, as well as the general choice of locations, colors, materials and systems.

Crafton - The VergeCrafton – The Verge

YouTube has been charged for hosting this contentCrofton would have asked for Granero on December 21 “Stop marketing immediately Free Fire & Free Fire MAX “receives negative feedback from Kareena. This request has been met Apple y Google, I ask them to stop Distribute the game In your applications, add a request Deleting YouTube videos The game “includes elements that blatantly violate the battlefields” and Biubiubiu is the subject of the film.

Recently, Hackers Creator and Distributor of PUBG Mobile Cheat Systems, They lost the case Against Tencent Games and Crafton Inc. Forced to pay $ 10 million. Meanwhile, the iOS and Android version of the popular Battle Royale was a much more lucrative game on stage than the impact of Jens.

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