These games were very simultaneous games in their early days

Although many of them have experienced a decline in popularity over time, their starting numbers are very positive.

2021 is coming to an end, after which it gives us a better panorama to analyze Video games throughout 365 days. This has given us the opportunity to do just that One study per year To find the most interesting data, the department in general Keep increasing your profits. As for more specific revisions such as steam, we have seen Very exciting events Throughout the year, a collection of the most popular titles released in 2021 was created In its early days.

New World, Wolheim and Hollow Infinite top the listBenji Sale, Covering the video game industry with analytical data and measurements, Shared Titles released in 2021 add them to the star list, at least in the opening days. The proposal of Amazon Game Studio has taken on a new world Very popular In its early weeks, and Walheim, then enjoyed great popularity Its premiere in February. After this, the list holds odd surprises, which can be seen below with the highest peak of players since it was launched.


Most Popular Events on Steam (Supreme Contemporaries)

It should be noted that not all of these games retain their initial popularity, as most have seen Reduce your player numbers As the days went by it was not on topics like Hell Platepoint, it is more present 154,000 soldiers Simultaneously, or the new world, despite the decline in the number of its users, enters with an image of one of the top 10 most played topics on Steam. 78,000 At the time of writing this message.

If you are interested in these types of reviews for 2021, keep in mind that many companies have published Ratings and results In the last days. Left us 45% increase in view In Twitch or the more popular Nintendo Switch games, both The best-selling Indies What Most downloaded deliveries From your Japanese eShop.

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