July 5, 2022

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These cell phones will not work after 2022: Cheap options to replace them | Chronicles

In 2021 Function Cell phones Worldwide it has surpassed 15 million and according to experts in the field of electronics, this number is expected to grow over the next five years and exceed 18 million. Considering this situation, Major companies manufacturing mobile devices -What Samsung, Motorola, Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei, Among other things – they release new products with better functionality.

One of the main functions of users Devices Android e iOS It has the life of a battery, processor and RAM. Technology is advancing fast and many mobile phones are obsolete compared to the latest mobile phones that have come in the market which are 5G enabled. In this case, the product companies announced that they will stop updating the software of some people.

What are the cell phones that will stop working in 2022?

Next year All cell phones running the Android 2.3.7 operating system or below will stop working. So it is better to replace the mobile phone because by not getting the software updates they will not have new security and privacy connections and will be more vulnerable without the latter users. Victims of cyber attacks.

The following is a list of cell phones that have not been updated: Archos 53 Platinum – HTC Desire 500 – Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite Samsung Galaxy Trend II Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini – Caterpillar Gate B15 – Sony Xperia M – Wiko Cink Five – Wiko Darknight – Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2Huawei Ascend G740 – ZTE Grand S Flex – Lenovo A820 – Huawei Ascend Mate – ZTE V956 – UMi X2 – Huawei Ascend D2 Samsung Galaxy Core – Faea F1 – THL W8 – ZTE Grand X Quad v987 – ZTE Grand Memo – Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 – LG Lucid 2 – LG Optimus F7 – LG Optimus L3 II Dual – LG Optimus F5 – LG Optimus L5 IILG Optimus L5 II DualLG Optimus L3 IILG Optimus L7 II DualLG Optimus L7 II LG Optimus F6 – LG Enact – LG Optimus L4 II DualLG Optimus F3LG Optimus L4 IILG Optimus L2 II LG Optimus F3Q.

With the exception of cell phones with Android operating systems, some iPhone models will stop receiving updates, which will take effect by the end of 2022. IPhone 6 e IPhone 6 Plus They are at the top of the list. Stopping work: IPhone 4 (8GB), IPhone 4S, IPhone 4S (8GB), IPhone 5 Y IPhone 5C.

“BNA Cell Phone Shop”: Offers and Ads

After learning that some cell phones will stop getting updates next year, some users started looking for new devices to replace the devices they have. Until a few days ago The Bank Store of the Nation of Argentina Promotions and will be awarded Interest free fee Holders of Nativa Visa or Nativa Mastercard credit cards issued by the bank.

However, there are still some devices on offer at https://www.tiendabna.com.ar/ 18 installments without interest Should take advantage of this month.

  • Go Samsung Galaxy A12 Released Black 64GB: Available Android Version 11 and $ 29,999
  • Go Motorola Moto E7i Power: $ 25,299
  • Go Motorola Moto E7 Water Red: $ 27,499

The Banco Nación store contains cell phones and other technology-related products.

For those looking for specific brands such as Motorola You can choose to visit its official website to see the price and available models. www.motorola.com.ar has all the information on technology and logistics for buying and distributing cell phones. It also includes bank promotions 3 to 24 installments without interest.

  • Motorcycle E6i (Gray): $ 18,999
  • Moto E7i Power (Blue): $ 20,999
  • E20 motorcycle (Aqua Blue or Graffiti): $ 21,999
  • Motorcycle E7 (Aqua Blue, Mineral Gray or Aqua Pink): $ 22,999
Motorola There are banking ads in Argentina.

For those who want to access the new model Samsung You can see offers and advertisements on the official page of the company https://shop.samsung.com/ar/

  • Cellular Galaxy A01 Core Negro: $ 15,999
  • Galaxy A01 Cellphone Negro: $ 18,999
  • Galaxy A02 Cellphone 32GB Black: $ 21,499
Samsung Argentina has ads in its official store.