These are the functions of the WhatsApp secret menu

Applications Smartphones What Share, Multiflatform messaging program, stay here and now update themselves. So one The main focus His last Update Be your secret menu. Do you know what we are talking about? Do you know where this is implemented?

Because of the WhatsApp functionality Instant messaging application For own smartphones Meta, Which is much less talked about.

And such a relationship can be expelled Shortcuts This will allow you to do many things without opening the app.

For iOS and Android

Convenient, isn’t it? Do not miss the details we tell you and use your WhatsApp from today.

  • And in this century everyone is using WhatsApp message as the main communication tool. But not everyone uses it just to write.
  • Whatever kind of mobile we have, its Operating system, Because we can use it for both iOS How Android, These new shortcuts will come and go.
  • We already said we can change the font and you can leave blank messages so that no one else knows what we put.
  • You can also send fake locations to another person, but what we are bringing up today is a trick that people often overlook.

WhatsApp technology application iOS android

Click the icon

Everything is in the background of your desktop Applications Well sorted, they have WhatsApp, a small menu will appear if you click on the icon without removing your finger.

Do not miss the details of all the functions it provides you to do directly Share. This is a small menu, where you will have different options.

Like the others you already know this Applications, You will see the classic Delete App or Share app on WhatsApp, but now you can access the camera or chat by touching.

How? Point to the new chat or camera, where your camera is Skills You need to send a snapshot to someone.

This method is much faster and more agile than opening an application, searching for a conversation, or taking a photo.

So you save those seconds when what you want is important Selfie Betrayed by someone, or you want to pull the reel with a picture, if you do not take it quickly, it will escape like a bird photograph.

Another activity that attracts attention is that you can share your contact directly QR, I.e., two-dimensional barcode type.

So you do not have to give the number to the person you want to add, all you have to do is drag the QR code and the technology will do the rest.

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