May 24, 2022

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These are the biggest mobile phones that Samsung will make in 2021

Samsung boasts of producing more than 300 million smartphones by 2021 and leaving the industry speechless … unable to cope with the epidemic or global distribution crisis!

In such a complex situation as we live in, a Global component crisis The contract market involved and in some countries, of course No one would expect a mobile manufacturer to increase its productivity And the record was signed even on production volumes, but the truth is, there is no surprise in its name.

In fact, it was huge Samsung It has once again shown muscle that exhibits its enormous productivity even in critical moments, producing nothing less. About 300 million smartphones in 2021 alone Between its own assembly plants and other ODM manufacturers.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 in hand

The beautiful Galaxy Z Flip3 may be Samsung’s biggest hit of 2021.

Colleagues told us SamMobile, Also confirms that Samsung would have produced about 240 million Directly, more or less on those smartphones 60 million Manufactured smartphones Wingtech and Huakin.

With more than 300 million Galaxy terminals manufactured between its plants and other ODMs by 2021, it looks like the giant Samsung will be able to do nothing to break its production record again.

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The same sources suggest that these massive figures should grow by 2022 Samsung’s idea is to reach approximately 334 million Galaxy mobile units manufactured by 2022., Some contracts may carry more weight towards these MDGs that have already been signed. About 40 million units through WingTech alone Waiting for more deals to be completed Partners.

Analysts say the strategy will free up valuable resources so that Samsung does not overload the plant, preventing resources from being diverted and The focus in the Matrix is ​​on research and development and the production of most Premium, Thus these external manufacturers should be responsible for production and logistics in case of cheap galaxy.

Samsung has an advantage in that it makes a good portion of its parts directly, however in Suwon they prefer to sell more ‘premium’ mobile phones and sell Galaxy families at a lower price.

The truth is, there are some advantages to Samsung being a South Korean manufacturer as well One of the largest suppliers of chips and some basic components for smartphones, Thus ensuring the availability and distribution of these components already in advance.

Samsung will have assembled these 300 million mobile phones in 2021, according to specific households The Galaxy S21 will only be 20 million from the range, So it should be noted that they actually exist Basic and Intermediate Families -Galaxy A, Galaxy M and Galaxy F- It Take most of the sales Suwon giant is in practice in all countries.

Although the time for its democratization does not seem to have come, Samsung seems optimistic about the foldables With the most important sales in the case of the Galaxy Z Flip3, there is still a bright future Let’s see how the Galaxy S22 works And is expected to be integrated with the Galaxy Note S22 UltraSamsung seems to be in even better shape even in crisis situations!

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