These are key issues that early Windows 11 users noticed (and Microsoft is already looking for a way to fix them)


12 October 2021 00:16 GMT

The new version of the popular operating system was officially released last week.

Microsoft last week He began Officially Windows 11, the latest version of its operating system, and some users have already detected various operating issues Sleeping computer, Indicates that the US company is already working to resolve them.

First, the Windows 10 Taskbar It continues to appear in the new version, which is not a play for many users, considering that the new bar lacks some of its predecessors, such as the ability to move to the top and pages of the screen.

Another negative point of the update is that it appears in the Windows 11 Start menu, which does not open or freeze. On the other hand, it has been found that some users may experience a 15% impact on central processing unit (CPU) performance.

Microsoft introduces its new Windows 11, the Start menu has been moved to the center of the screen

Similarly, an error is mentioned when the user encounters the following message when accessing the Windows Update page on their computer: “This system cannot run Windows 11”, this can happen even if the ‘hardware’ is compatible with the latest version.

On the other hand, some users of the new version saw Windows 11 File Explorer Uses more memory, Others complain about a compatibility issue with devices that use the virtualization ‘software’ Oracle VM Virtual Box.

Finally, two other compatibility issues are mentioned: one is Intel ‘Killer’ and the other is Dell ‘Smart Byte’ Internet Optimization Applications, which causes users to drop datagram protocol packets; And Cốc Cốc prevents the browser from opening another one and causing other problems and errors.

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