The wreckage of a rocket fell to the moon, forming a crater of more than ten meters


Cylinder remnants of a rocket Today it clashes against the “hidden face” that has haunted the universe for years நிலா At speeds of more than 9,000 kilometers per hour and “they may have caused Groove According to astronomers, it is 10 to 20 meters in diameter.

12:25 Impact on GMT The hidden face of the moonAccording to astronomer Bill Gray, he was the first to identify the looming collision.

“We have a lot of data on this item,” Gray told AFP, which estimates it was hit. நிலா “This morning”.

The identification of the rocket in question is debatable because no one officially deals with recording and tracking space debris in deep space.

Gray, who developed the software used by NASA-funded tracking programs, has been monitoring them so they are not misunderstood as asteroids, so no time is wasted studying them.

It was initially thought to be the remnants of the SpaceX rocket, but eventually it was discovered that it was a Chinese ship, particularly a stage of the Long March rocket, which set sail in 2014 for the Chang’e 5-D1 mission. , As part of the country’s lunar exploration program.

Beijing denied it, promising that the stage would “safely enter Earth’s atmosphere” and “burn completely”.

But according to Grave, China He confused two missions with identical names and was actually talking about the rocket that was later launched.

However, the abyss can only be seen by LRO inspection. Pot Or Indian Chandrayaan-2, both orbiting this star.

The U.S. space agency confirmed it wanted to find the abyss, but warned that the operation could take “weeks”.

It is not uncommon for rocket positions to lag behind in the universe, but this is the first time an unexpected collision with the moon has been identified.

In the past, rocket positions have been launched against the star for scientific purposes.

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