The world’s rarest cell phone: Samsung works on a unique phone design never seen before Chronicles

SamsungThe electronics and information technology company will launch one of the most Rare in the world. The information was leaked, which is why it was known that it was not a real cell phone A patent that reflects the idea of ​​what can be changedIn the future, To Samsung-sold-milions-of-phones-with-a-serious-security-flaw-How-to-prevent-my-cellphone-from-hacking-20220224-0105.html “target =” _ blank “> Current smartphones.

It’s a phone Folding With Flexible screen And from a very strange design Never seen before. The cell phone company is thinking of experimenting with this type of design that can be folded on the top and outside.

This is a sketch of a cell phone design.

This is a sketch of a cell phone design.

This new idea may remind you of one of the recent releases LG Or to the first fold cell phone HuaweiMad X. Unlike existing models, Samsung Wants to create its identity on the screen with this design that can be folded up.

The new cell phone he plans <a href=Samsung. “Data-height =” 467 “data-size =” w: 683, h: 467 “data-width =” 683 “hspace =” 5 “src =” sites / cronica / img / 2022/03/08 / captura_de_screen_2022-03-08_142535.jpg_116319645.jpg “title =” Planning New Cell Phone Samsung. “vspace =” 5 “>
The new cell phone you are planning Samsung.

In any case, this is not a specific project and the patents are displayed in advance in the style in which they are to be made. That does not mean that the Sketch company is in the process of introducing the device soon, but it may be in the future.

Will Samsung stop adding chargers to its cell phone boxes?

Samsung is bringing its updates and products to the masses. One of the latest news was obvious The company will stop adding the charger to the box of the purchased mobile.

In some businesses Europe This new change to the list has already been implemented. Cheap cell phones Samsung The customer will also stop supplying the charger to the purchase box.

The most expensive cell phones so far are those that do not have a charger. Now, the company has decided to extend this move to all the products on its offer: from the lowest priced device to the largest.

This was stated by many customers who faced this news The price of the item should go down If it does not include the charger, it must be purchased at a separate store. It is important to know that it is up to each individual to decide whether to buy the original charger or the imitation one. The box comes with a cell phone, instructions, USB for the SIM card and a charging cable.

So far this is information coming from Europe. However, that should not be a false truth as the continent is responsible for distributing these devices. Now We will have to wait for the official announcement Samsung Find out if they sell cell phones with a charger or not.

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