May 29, 2022

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The village confirms the upcoming free DLC and will continue to intimidate players in 2022

Capcom keeps its promise and will continue to add content to its successful Resident Evils.

It could have been a return of a great right, the tension of its argument, or a presentation of Lady Dimitrescu, but, anyway, Resident Evil 8: Village Has been A complete success To Capcom. Then Reached new milestone in sales, The developer will continue to squeeze the capacity of this delivery and ensure its arrival Upcoming Free DLC, The content we see at a point 2022.

Resident Evil and Monster Hunter have boosted Capcom’s salesAs announced a few months ago, Capcom has embarked on the task of listening to and creating the community Extensions They explore Resident Evil 8: Village. Now, to the delight of the players, the developer is commenting Your last tax return This will be the DLC Completely free, All users of the game can return to its terrifying environment to enjoy new features.

Resident Evil 8: Village

However, it should be noted that the nature of these DLCs has not been confirmed, so they may indicate new displays or worse, Simple plugins Do not add too much to the argument. At the end of the day, we talk about free content, yet do not lose hope of seeing interesting news related to its story or game.

So, and with More news will be announced Until the end of October, Resident Evil 8: The village sits nearby Monster Hunter: Stories2 Like one of the games Very successful Capcomin, because they are titles Have raised their income A horrible. If you are still not sure why this topic is highly appreciated, you can always get our advice Resident Evil 8: Village Survey, We consider delivery Very different and spectacular Of ownership. But, if you want to create an opinion first, always You can download its demo, Get it up 31 October.

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