July 1, 2022

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The UFL, a free football game that seeks to compete against eFootball and FIFA, sets a date to watch its first game.

Not many details are given about the title, but its creators want to change the digital football landscape.

In a football-controlled ecosystem FIFA Y eFootball, Players are still beginning to hear a proposal New and updated. It may be UFL, A game Dedicated to the beautiful game Its purposes are very clear: Replace the dominance of EA and Konami with a new competitor. What does this new program offer? An experience Free The skill of the players prevails over the economic add-ons.

UFL will present its first gameplay on January 27, 2022So far, the UFL has only provided us with a trailer of more than 30 seconds Many promises. Also, now that he has been able to attract the attention of the football community with his ideas, he continues his journey by showing off his game. If you would like to attend this time, UFL invites you to watch this preview January 27, 2022 By rebroadcasting on channels not yet mentioned.


The significance of this moment must be taken into account, and it may result Forgetting a public interest or the whole project. After all, trailers only raise expectations before a gameplay arrives, which provides the dynamics of the title and the limits to which it is ready to reach. Therefore, a good athlete ensures reservation between them, while at the same time leading to an experience full of errors and inconsistencies. Widespread abandonment.

If you do not know this project, remember that we have compiled everything we know about the game in 3DJuegos. A special article. This way, we give you the opportunity to do your homework before watching the first UFL gameplay, however you always have the option to save any courage and watch the progress The biggest surprise possible.

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