The trilogy already allows you to pre-load and revive the wait with new images

It can now be downloaded from the Microsoft, Nintendo and PlayStation Store, however PC gamers will have to wait.

There is very little Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition The long-awaited collection of Saga’s three iconic adventures has hit the market. GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas, Available from next to first November 11 And users who have purchased the game in advance will be able to download the content in advance to have everything ready to play in the release.

Cannot download to game until game startsHow did you share VGA, The Pre-loading is now available Microsoft Store, Nintendo EShop and PlayStation Store, the latter, From 12 noon today Of each region. However, the players PC, they have to wait Until the day the trilogy starts downloading.

To increase the wait, shared by Rockstar Xbox Store A series New screenshots of three games From the collection. We can appreciate Rockstar’s work with this remastering, which in addition to its high resolution 4K On PS5 And Xbox Series, Reaches 60 FPS, With support Nvidia DLSS And PC.

Rockstar Has bet on one Personal aesthetics In this rearrangement, the original appearance of the characters is respected and modified Extensive textures, glossy graphics and reconstruction of the lighting system. If you want to know more about this trilogy and the study behind it, we can’t help but recommend Mark Rolland’s “L Funs” article. The story of how Rockstar planned to conquer the world with GTA 3 as a trilogy.

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