The specific note signed by Steve Jobs has been stuck in the office microwave since 2010: what does it say?

Shows a specific image shared on Twitter by a former Apple designer It was written by Steve Jobs Attached to the door of the microwave in the company’s offices, with the intention of sending a message to the people who work there.

On his account, Louis Montia Jr. released a picture of the printed text, which bears the name of the Apple founder at the end of the text. “Cover your food with a piece of paper before heating it. Thank you.”, It reads in the message.

Posted the picture on Twitter. (ன் Montia)

After some comments from users who pointed out that the reference was not true, the designer responded by clarifying where the photo was taken.

According to Mandia, Note 2010 has been stuck on the device since No one dared to remove it. He also clarified that although he was working at the company’s facility in Cupertino, California, the photo was taken at Apple’s offices in St. Louis, Missouri.

A monument from a photo of the note in the microwave.

Beyond whether this is true or not, the film also evokes a monument that is a replica of regular films that include inspirational phrases from recognized personalities.

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