The new portable has the same problem as the Nintendo hybrid

Many players who already have their hands on the podium have reported problems with the right stick.

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Steam platform

Wolf’s new small platform, Steam platformAlready in the hands of many lucky gamers, they are not lucky enough to test the device, first reports about annoying Slip Sticks are already starting to emerge through the internet.

Some users have shared skating videos on laptopsA user on Reddit specifically mentioned issues Right stick Of the laptop, I am sharing a video Sliding for example. The displays show a test screen for the steam deck controls, in which we can clearly see that the values ​​of the X and Y axis of the right stick become confusing even when the stick is not moved by the player.

In response to this, Another user shared his own videoShowing Same problem. Surprisingly in this case, the laptop experienced annoying slip a few minutes after it was officially launched, as this is a situation that usually appears after prolonged use of the device in question.

Steam layer film

The hardware engineer who worked on this new valve operating system, Yasan AltehayatThe company is projected to do all it can in 2021 Avoid Sliding on the sticks of the laptop, A problem that Nintendo claims is not the solution.

The gliding problem between the Steam deck and the Nintendo Switch is not the only thing both sites share. Valve has released some prototypes of its laptop that are very similar to the Nintendo hybrid.. Cape NewellWolvin co-founder surprises some lucky buyers Individually delivering products to their homes.

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