The new Bully 2 report reveals more details about its development and cancellation

Members of Rockstar New England, who wished to remain anonymous, discussed this ambitious plan.

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Many things have already been said About Bully 2, A sequel to the famous Rockstar Games title, which has yet to see the light of day. Now, and thank you Caminformer Report, We know New details The tragic story behind this project, including information about what it would have been like if it had been released to the public.

The project was aborted due to other games with major issues“Rockstar wanted to be the Gold Boy of the New England Company, but he was very Difficult When Rockstar North was making all the golden eggs at the time, “an anonymous developer mentions.” It is very difficult to live in the shadow of someone who is as big as Rockstar North and try to plunder that space. Almost impossible“.

The report points out that Rockstar was very excited to create the New England Bully 2, but the plan should continue Waiting, In support of topics that faced major problems during their development Maximum pain3 Y Red dead recovery.

Bully 2

Rockstar acquired Mad Dog Software Studio in 2008 Renamed Rockstar to New England. Traditionally, every studio investment company has to prove that their purchases are ‘worth’ by working on a ‘better output’. In the case of New England, that title is Bully 2.

The game had 6 to 8 hours of finished contentMark Anthony RodriguezThe title was playable, We had heard that before, And “was the rating 6 to 8 hours Finished content, “he said Mark Anthony Rodriguez, Former Rockstar NYC researcher. There were missions with the Go Karts, and there was also a reference to The Simpsons within Camp Crust. Bully 2, The Goonies, Porky, various NPCs approved to walk around and do the work, but none of them got out of the development phase.

Rockstar Games did not share anything about Bully 2, but thanks to reports like this, we know the plan Was, And was on the right track, but other topics were considered Very important, And they stole the effort and experience of the team responsible for this video game.

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