The magnetic storm caused by the maximum class of sunlight reaches the earth


1 November 2021 00:33 GMT

The impact on the Earth’s magnetic field was at the G1 level, which is considered weak.

A magnetic storm is caused by a maximum of solar energy Found This Thursday, this Sunday felt on Earth, Reported Russian Solar X-ray Astronomical Laboratory (LPI).

According to LPI’s maps, storm conditions were reached A Level G1, So the impact of the Earth’s magnetic field is considered weak. The storm began to increase around 12:00 (GMT time) and lasted approximately three hours.

Illustrated image

Magnetic storms are characterized by letters and numbers based on their danger level and the intensity cycle of our star. Level G1 Weak And They can cause some electrical problems; Is G2 Moderate, Which can cause interruption Changes the trajectories of radio and some satellites, while G3, G4 and G5 High intensity And its end effects include shortwave and the fall of GPS communications.

With regard to the forecast of future storms, the LBI Confirms That’s over the next 27 days Will not be reproduced Has no effect on the Earth’s magnetic field. The probability of this happening over the next three days is very low: 25%, 5% and 1%. Respectively.

  • This Thursday a strong solar eruption was detected on the surface of the sun, which was characterized Maximum class On the scale of the activity of our star. This combustion is powerful enough to temporarily cause a strong radio blackout in the Earth’s sunlight.

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