July 5, 2022

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The latest The Gunk by SteamWorld authors is shown with a detailed video gameplay

The science fiction game is coming out this December and will also be available on Game Boss.

Nothing to prove Kung. New game called Imagine & Farm Games, Creators of the series SteamWorld, Which will be released tomorrow on PC and Xbox consoles, stunned us with his proposal, largely, to him Latest trailer, We discovered his world and the experience he wants to bring us.

At its launch gates, IGN Posted a video with 15 minute game You can see above the same message. It shares the first steps of the controls of this adventure, and looks at how we should dedicate ourselves to cleaning up a dark alien object on an as yet undiscovered planet.

It will be available on Game Boss from day oneWhen we talk about The Kung, we are talking about a video game Action and adventure It tells the story of the brave space hijackers Queen and Peck. Both are dedicated to traveling from planet to planet collecting scrap metal, with the simple purpose of obtaining more resources. The path will take you to a planet with slim saffron that does not seem particularly special, but actually appears to be severely damaging to the natural environment.

Kung opens next December 16 On PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, though it will be available from day one Xbox Game Boss. Microsoft subscription service includes a few games in the last month of the year, the list has been enlarged New additions, Whose names we recently learned.

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