The James Webb Telescope reaches its ultimate goal: 1.5 million kilometers from Earth


25 ene 2022 02:45 GMT

After completing the optical alignment process which lasts for three months you can observe the universe.

The James Webb Space Telescope arrived Monday at its ultimate target, the Sun-Earth Long Range Point 2 (L2). Communicates NASA. The final maneuver was the result of activating its propellers for about five minutes, which added only 1.6 meters per second to the device’s speed.

Now NASA needs engineers Adjust your optics, A process that lasts for the next three months. After this stage, the telescope will begin to observe distant galaxies with unprecedented accuracy.

“Web, come home! Congratulations to the team involved in ensuring a safe arrival on Web L2 today. We’re one step closer to unraveling the mysteries of the universe. I can not wait to see the first new views of the universe this summer!” NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said.

James Webb Space Telescope successfully spreads its massive solar shield and reaches its final shape "Diamond"

A lagrange point allows a small object to be fixed at a certain distance from both the earth and the sun. In total, each system of two large celestial objects has five points at that point. The position of the telescope at point L2, 1.5 million kilometers behind the Earth, allows it to be protected from excessive heat by the sun and to increase the capacity of its sensors.

The most powerful and expensive telescope in history

James Webb was the space telescope Thrown out Launched on December 25 by the Ariane 5 rocket, it is a project led by NASA, with the participation of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

Considered to be the most powerful and expensive device in history, it will allow astronomers to see space with new ‘eyes’ and access hitherto inaccessible corners of the universe. That’s all A hundred times more powerful Than its predecessor, The Hubble, Which is to complete 32 years in orbit.

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