The Jacksonville Jaguars are using the franchise tag on LT Cam Robinson for the second consecutive season

Jacksonville Jaguar used the franchise brand Cam Robinson For the second year in a row, Left Intervention included $16.6 million in 2022.

Robinson played the 2021 season under the franchise tag ($13.754 million) for Jacksonville, but the blind side protector of the quarterback Trevor Lawrence It ranked 48th among eligible interventions with a pass block win rate of 86.1%, according to ESPN Statistics and Information research, which is just below average (87.5%). During the 2017-21 season, he ranked 69th in pass block win rate (81.3%) among competitors who played at least 16 games.

With Robinson back, Jaguar can choose it Little Walkerone of the team’s two second-round drafts in 2021, vying with the current starter joan taylor in the correct treatment.

Robinson allowed 29 sacks, per ESPN stats and information search. Taylor allowed 40 games in 12 fewer games.

After being named in the 34th overall pick in 2017, Robinson immediately stepped in as a left tackle and helped the Jaguars lead the NFL’s rush through the junior season. Jacksonville also allowed only 24 sacks—a tie for third in the league—that season.

Robinson, who turned 26 in October, missed 14 games in 2018 after suffering a rupture in the AFC Champions League in the second week. due to COVID-19.

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