The Horizon Forbidden West Cup will help you reforest once you open it.

Sony has partnered with a non-profit to treat natural areas.

Both the Xbox and PlayStation specialize in video games, yes, but it’s not uncommon to see them use their position to promote charitable campaigns for the planet and its people. Both companies, for example, put As a goal Pack the respective consoles in boxes Ecological responsibilityHis study Have donated Comforts hospitals and now, during the first scene Horizon Forbidden West, PlayStation has launched a bizarre reforestation campaign Connected with his new game.

PlayStation and the Arbor Day Foundation will contribute to the recovery of deforested areas.The campaign is called Play and plant (Play and sowing) and is in it for every person who opens the baptismal cup Be stunnedWithin the game, until March 25, PlayStation, in conjunction with the Arbor Day Foundation’s ecosystem, will plant a tree at one of 3 pre-selected eco-parks in the United States. The target is 288 thousand trees.

The Douglas County Forest in Wisconsin, the sheepfold private lands in California, and the Torrey State Park in Florida have all been affected by various environmental degradation issues.

This campaign coincides with the concept of Horizon Forbidden West, where the protagonist Aloy fights to save the planet from a mysterious plague. If you are interested in this topic, you can find ours here Review.

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