The enormous amount that L-Kent charges for each show

Alien Angel Valencula or well known El-Conte He is one of the musicians of this time. He was recently invited to Quinta de Olivos to share a conversation with the president Alberto Fernandez His meeting with the President caused a stir on social media.

However, in the last few hours, People Was able to access information about costs Show Performed by a 21-year-old artist both inside and outside Argentina and it attracted a lot of attention. It all depends on the location and the number of people, but in some cases they exceed six numbers.

Author who transgressed “Gumbia 420” 62 million views on Spotify and 117 million views on YouTube Collecting luck. Performances, as announced by the press People, It costs them $ 25,000 at the municipal or government level.

Presentations have a value in bowling alleys, discotheques or party halls 1,500,000 pesos as long as there are 1,500 to 3,000 participants. On the contrary, If the gifts go away 3000 to 5000 that number is 2,000,000 pesos.

After these values ​​were filtered, a Twitter user expressed requests at each of the artist’s presentations. About Hernan de Vivo (lavozdtuspot) Angry: “Let everyone work, but El-Kent you went to hell: look what he told you to do.”

Regardless of what the show needed, the young man in his dressing room wanted: two pockets of mineral water, two packs of energy, one whiskey, two champagne, cheese board and cold cuts (including pizza, hamburger or food catering fast added), crumbs sandwiches, FIFA and COD (Call of Duty) PlayStation 4 or 5 console with video games and a 55-inch or larger LED TV.

However, the user who showed the requests clarified in another tweet that the show was stopped.

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