The Elton Ring reaches one of the highest simultaneous player spikes in Steam history

Amazon’s success with the latest Opus from FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki is more than MMO, New World.

Elton Ring Since its launch on February 25th it has not stopped giving us amazing surprises, we saw the latest creation of Hidetaka Miyazaki. It is also sold in bookstores in JapanAnd its Sales numbers Led him to become everything Was successful in its UK release. From software title posts They are no stranger to steamWhere were you? Causing disaster from its first hour.

In this case, the Elton Ring has once again surpassed a new mark Historical person Simultaneous players on Steam. Would have been More than 950,000 players Famous Amazon Game Studios MMO reached 913,634 in the last 24 hours simultaneously playing, New world.

Elton Ring

More than 950,000 simultaneous players on SteamData is shared by steamdbYou can see that Miyazaki’s adventure is already occupied Sixth place in history Most of the games played simultaneously in Steam history, exemplify an image The absolute phenomenon What the game has become, is becoming more and more Sego: Shadows die twiceWas able to collect some 125,000 soldiers At the same time.

The Odyssey via the Middlelands is also one of the best February stars in TwitchWith Smilet MMORPG, The lost ark. If you have not yet embarked on the adventure behind Torontora, 3DJuegos is available for you. 100 hours of play, Our definitive analysis of the Elton Ring.

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