The day before, Open World and Zombie MMO set its release date on its new trailer

The game shows its many dynamic features and confirms its arrival on consoles.

Presentation of New open world survival game Created by Fantastic Stunning realistic graphics To a promising MMO who takes us to a post-apocalyptic America plagued by zombies after a terrible epidemic. The Resource management Will be the machine that pushes us Explore the dangerous areas In this we will realize that we are constantly lurking.

It will be available on PC on June 21, 2022The company shows a variety of games The day before Since its introduction, we have had one Focused on his battle, In addition to a detailed video we can enjoy Its fantastic views. The game is reminiscent of many times section And Our last And promised by its developers The game will be even better When it comes to the market.

The day before

It also comes with new generation consolesOn this occasion, Fantastic has released a new trailer in which we can appreciate the many activities that take place day by day in the game. The trailer shows his study of a classic of the zombie genres An abandoned business complex. The system is still inside and out Incredibly recreated.

We are also shown some basic elements of its game, such as building materials and constructing and improving buildings. The trailer ends with its release date June 21, 2022 to PC, Including versions for current and past generation consoles, without a confirmed date yet.

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