The creators of Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed are investing in Play2Earn

Making money or cryptocurrency for blockchain-based video games and their players is the new goal set by Ubisoft, one of the world’s most important video game creators. Founder of Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed.

This was announced by Frbdérick Duguet, Chief Financial Officer, Ubisoft. The company’s idea to develop this type of video game called Play to Earn (P2E) Invest in companies that use blockchains Create games for yourself.

Duckett thinks of blockchains Open doors to create more P2E games Also, it will allow more players to “earn content, create their own content and grow the industry a lot” Highlighted A medium that specializes in video games.

Revealed to have acted Working with companies that use blockchains, Which allowed them to understand the impact they could have on the industry and I promise they would be one of the “key players”.

In that sense, Ubisoft He attended On A round of funding from the renowned mobile game creator On Block chains, Animoha Brands, on October 20th.

Animoga has developed games such as The Sandbox, F1 Delta Time and Rev Motorsport.

Ubisoft recently participated in the investment round of mobile game maker Animoha brands. Source: element.envato.

In this way, Ubisoft seeks to get closer to one of its competitors, Square Enix. Company that developed games such as Final Fantasy, Tomb Rider and Space Invaders. The company also invested in Animoha brands in 2020 Reported By CryptoNoticias.

Ubisoft’s previous steps in blockchain games

Earlier this year, the French company Ubisoft based on the famous fantasy football site Ethereum, Sorare, Gaelic native, made Reported By CryptoNoticias.

The alliance was to launch an NFT game called One-Shot League based on Sorar’s collections. Game Belgium’s Professional Football League, created by Ubisoft, is free to participate based on Jubilee Pro.

This fact proves Ubisoft’s involvement in blockchain games for many months, and confirms it by investing in animoka brands.

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