July 1, 2022

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The creator of Silent Hill thinks it will be very difficult to remake the game

He compares it to the Resident Evil remakes, and thinks it’s harder to bring Silent Hill back than these games.

Axel Garcia / 15 comments

Silent Hill

Keiziro Toyama, First installment director Silent Hill And the key person in charge of the game, shared his opinion on the return of the Konami title in the form Re-creation. According to him, creating the game for this modern age Very complicated, Because the game concept is ‘too old’.

You need to re-think the idea and make it interesting for the fans.Keiziro Toyama“I think it’s harder to do this than a remake of BioHazard (Citizen Evil) “, Mentions Toyama Recent interview with VGC. “No. Action game There you have to refine the elements “.

According to Toyama, even if some studio decides to improve the title graphics and meet all video game standards today, it will not be enough to entertain gamers. “It’s not all that, he’s so handsome, I think you have to think about him again. Comment And it’s fun for the fans. “

Image from Silent Hill

Toyama talks a lot about remakes, and he thinks video games, unlike movies Very complicated How enjoyed during its original releases, especially if many years have passed between the original and the remake.

Despite many rumors, we still do not have official confirmation about the Silent Hill remake. Toyama, for her part, Currently working in Slitterhead, His first project New study, Where he collaborated with leading designers Gravity is quick Y Puppet master.

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