January 28, 2022

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The best trick is to watch stories on Instagram without anyone noticing

So you can watch stories anonymously on Instagram. (Photo: World)

With over 700 million active users, Instagram Is one Social Websites The most popular in the world. For this reason, it enhances the various functions it provides Instagram stories The stage is very important.

So, and the like Share, Instagram has simple guidelines and tips to improve the usability of this social network. Application Meta It has a variety of ways to show a story without the user realizing who reviewed the content of the profile; From using the extension in Google Chrome to downloading applications for mobile devices.

What are Instagram stories or tales

Instagram Stories are posts that stay at the top of the app for a while. I.e., They are posted photos or videos and can only be viewed for 24 hours.

Despite progress, There is no official way to view your contacts’ Instagram stories anonymously. That is, the application will tell them who saw each story.

However, there are Tricks for viewing Instagram stories anonymously and We will explain how to use it in Infobae.

Instagram story.  (Photo: Hypertextual)
Instagram story. (Photo: Hypertextual)

How to do the trick to view stories anonymously From the web

This exercise can be done on mobile phones iOS The Android, And not necessarily in the browser Google Chrome. The above mentioned browser needs to be updated so that you can watch Instagram stories without the person noticing.

Then the following steps should be done:

1. Download the so-called extension Som IG story In a web browser.

2. Run the extension, Then sign in to Instagram from Google Chrome.

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3. Click the Chrome IG Story icon, Located at the top right of the screen.

Your contacts will appear on Instagram, so you can watch stories in incognito mode. A cross eye appears, which is the symbol of this extension.

Google Chrome extension for Instagram stories.  (Screenshot: Google Chrome / Jose Arana)
Google Chrome extension for Instagram stories. (Screenshot: Google Chrome / Jose Arana)

How to do the trick to view stories anonymously With applications

View Instagram stories anonymously on iOS and Android devices, You must download one of these applications, Depending on the operating system you have. These are Story Saver for Instagram“Y”Story Reposter for Instagram”, The first Android devices and the second IPhone The IPod.

In both programs, they are available for tablets or smartphones.

1. Download the application associated with your operating system: iOS or Android.

2. Beautify With your Instagram account.

3. After Follow the instructions that appear in the same application So you can watch the stories, Download more of them.

Android Story Saver App.  (Screenshot: Google Chrome / Jose Arana)
Android Story Saver App. (Screenshot: Google Chrome / Jose Arana)

Old school tricks

There are other options to watch stories without your followers knowing on Instagram. The two most common are:

– Use another account

You need to create one Anonymous account. However, just like you would like to see stories from a personal account, this does not guarantee that you will achieve your goal. They have to accept it as a follower.

Fake account looking at a story on Instagram.  (Photo: InstagramGuru)
Fake account looking at a story on Instagram. (Photo: InstagramGuru)

– Airplane mode

When you enable airplane mode on your mobile, you are disabling the mobile data that your device can access. in this situation, You must first open Instagram for stories to load automatically.

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Then, Without leaving the application, Open the Quick menu on your mobile phone. This is usually done by dragging your finger down the screen. And from there, Enable airplane mode.

Once activated You can see the pre-loaded Instagram stories, Anonymously, without determining the application whether it existed.

Airplane mode enabled on iPhone.  (Photo: Hypertextual)
Airplane mode enabled on iPhone. (Photo: Hypertextual)

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