The Amazing Discovery of Perseverance on Mars | “Something no one has ever seen”

NASA on Wednesday released images sent by Explorer from Mars Diligence. Shows how a rock was drilled from the surface of Mars. Diligence used a tool from one of his organs to break the stone and find its interiorAccording to the US space agency, “something no one has ever seen”.

The photo was taken earlier this year in the Jessero abyss, which was rarely released. This led to comments about networks, which led NASA to provide explanations. The explorer eroded the stone and took a photo to show the objects found inside the rock: Their composition is not yet known, but they are believed to be granulated sediments.

Another image released by NASA-

“I look inside to notice something no one has ever seen before. I removed the top layer and eroded a small portion of this rock to see what was below. My next goal is to model Mars. “The NASA team wrote on the robot’s Twitter account, through which the images began to spread. The Perseverance ceased operations in October due to a solar connection, In which the sun enters between Earth and Mars. After that event, he devoted himself to exploring rock formations of interest to scientists observing researchers.

In fact, collecting earth and stones is one of the rover’s main purposes, with the aim of storing them so that they can be transported to Earth for analysis on future voyages. The idea is to try to find traces of microbial life that may have existed 3 billion years ago..

In addition, diligence collects samples of dust and rock fragments on the surface of Mars, as well as the climatic conditions of the Red Planet and Thus there are elements of judgment for human exploration on the planet.

In April of this year, a photo of the rover came as a surprise as a rainbow appeared on the ground of Mars. Finally, it was known that this was the effect of the camera lens.

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