Tencent, a Chinese company, is the largest external partner of the editors of The Medium

They have invested $ 19.5 million in the Blooper team, following deals with Konami and Take Two.

Just a week ago Blobber Group Given The first preview of the new title in the Layers of Fear series. Polish developer Was able to set foot in the industry A series of horror games such as Player Witch, Or most recent, Middle. Although the medium has already established itself as the best sport in the study, An excellent psychological thrillerThe study confirmed that he is working Two new games with more purpose than medium.

Polish Studio has not stopped growing and has a strategic alliance with Konami in its new projects Creating new games within their sagas. But this time, it happened Tencent Who decided to bet on the course 22% stake in the company, Makes the Asian company its largest external partner.


Tencent has acquired a 22% stake in the companyPerformed by Tencent 19 and invested a half million dollars, Also helps to confirm the study reports on independence from the companies it works for Gonami O Take-Too. With this investment, Tencent continues to position itself Big Titan in the industry, Making such big investments and not stopping to grow The latest acquisition of Sumo Digital, teachers Sackboy: A great achievement.

The Chinese company has also funded the development New Studio Unworn GamesWith Former Blizzard staff And they became Major shareholders of Yogur Development GmbH, Creators Spec Apps The Line And Rotation. In the midst of this huge expansion in the industry, Tencent had to do Deal with the Chinese authorities, Implementing systems to facilitate the range of young people to video games.

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