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‘Take that finger away from me’: The robot with the human face very realistically “scares” its own creators (video)


25 dic 2021 23:55 GMT

Some network users see this ‘fear’ as an “early warning” of the potential dangers of robot technology.

“The most advanced robot with a human face in the world”, it said Provided On December 2, the British company Engineering Arts showed a realistic reaction to the fact that its own creators admitted that they were afraid.

In a video released by the company on Wednesday, you can see how a robot called Amega follows the finger of the person moving in front of it with its eyesight. As the finger approached her face, Ameka The face wrinkles and then tilts, But when it touches the nose, the robot, visually ‘upset’, Grabs that person’s hand and pushes.

“Ameka reacts when things enter its‘ private space ’,” the developers say. “Even this It starts to scare us In the engineering arts, and we got used to it! “, They acknowledge.

Users’ response to the video has been met with applause from the creators for their work, as well as the surprise of those who check “how much robotics technology has advanced in recent years.”

However, there are those who are not interested in the robot’s abilities. A Twitter user Wrote The connection between Amega and the human finger is a “Early warning“About the potential dangers of this technology.

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Has the face of Amega Eyes, cheeks, mouth and forehead And the range of his facial expressions ranges from surprise, anger to joy. The Engineering Arts was released on December 2nd Video It has already amassed more than 2.1 million views, in which the fluidity of the human figure’s movements and the apparent naturalness of his face can be appreciated.

“Ameka is the most advanced robot in the world with a human face Leading technology […] Specially designed as a platform for advancing robot technologies of the future “, details The company on its website. Similarly, it explains that the modular architecture of the machine allows it to easily improve its capabilities through upgrades in both physics and ‘software’.

Despite its human origin, Amega Still That has not happened, but the engineering arts promise to move towards this goal soon. The company plans to showcase further examples of Amega’s capabilities at the CES 2022 International Technology Exhibition in Las Vegas, USA next January.