Strong solar storms are forecast for the next few hours

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Meteorological Center and the British Meteorological Office have made a confusing forecast: the Earth could fall victim to “maximum operational rotation” by the sun, meaning sunspots and flares will become more and more stable. “

Also, mentioned in itIf any of the ‘blowouts’ that the sun is hitting now go towards the earth, their effects will be felt here as a solar storm. “

Precisely, this is likely to happen in the coming days as solar activity is expected to be “somewhat unstable” and there will be “mild and moderate” geomagnetic storms over the next few days.

After all, solar storms are a bit more common than we believe, in fact, we get a lot from mid-January. What’s more, a few days ago, “mild and moderate geomagnetic events” were recorded at the same levels as expected this week.

The main effect of these phenomena is the appearance of northern lights, which are found at extraordinary heights. At higher latitudes there may be minor malfunctions in radio signals or electrical phases, however these solar storms may not have a direct effect on life. Something a little different can happen to satellites: some need to change their orbit to avoid potential damage.

Despite their name, solar storms are completely different from hurricanes that occur on Earth. The intense magnetic activity of the sun causes violent explosions of the plasma, which travels through space at incredible speeds. The solar atmosphere is made up of gases, which are completely ionized due to their high temperature, thus forming perfect conductors of currents.

Sometimes there are emissions that we know are solar storms. They emit coronal mass ejection (CME) or both simultaneously as flares; These exposures may have implications for the solar system’s environment.

But our planet has a natural defense: the magnetic field. Thus, the northern lights are the stylized effect of the deformation of this shield when exposed to these energetic particles.

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