SteamTech users are following the switch games and Nintendo has already started blocking videos

Nintendo has shown little tolerance for these issues in the past.

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Steam platform

Any player who knows Nintendo will know that the company takes legal issues very seriously. Prototype The owners of the new SteamTech have already started releasing videos of the laptop while playing with Mario and company, which has not been viewed favorably by the Big N, and the Japanese company did not take much time for this. To prevent Social media content.

The video showed footage of the Super Mario galaxyThe case is particularly well known ThePhawxCreator of YouTube Content with over 50,000 subscribers Nintendo Switch Prototype. Before the latter, Video removed Of his channel for displaying Nintendo content.

What did the video show? In addition to serving a Training For anyone who wants to follow in their steam deck, the footage showed the version of ThePhawx running Super Mario Galaxy Available on the Nintendo Switch, it is not only functional but can be enjoyed at a time Higher frame rate Its official version is available on the Nintendo hybrid.

Steam layer film

Nintendo is not waiting patiently when it comes to these issues, as it has already shown us Remove 1,300 YouTube videos They had Music Their video games. Another known case is the case of Gary BowserLeader of a team Hackers Nintendo has developed and sold devices capable of operating headlines.

Although emulation is not a problem, there is a library on the steam deck Promises Games not only allow you to enjoy the current library of the operating system of the same name Valve has already stated that several projects are under development.

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