Steam will stop making its discount bigger and smaller

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At the end of next March, Valve will make changes to the way development studios and companies that release video games offer their games at a discount. Steam. Seems like a small administrative problem that home buyers will want to be aware of. Games Steam is more focused on their funds.

Released earlier this month, A release In the blog Back tip The so-called “discount rule changes” valve states that from March 28 “will change some of the rules for discounts”, the most important of which is the removal of the revised “discount reuse” period and the potential for developers and Publishers “DiscountA product that is more than 90% or less than 10%.

It’s easy to see an action like this and it feels like an injustice to users. But these changes seem to stop game makers from gaming Steam’s algorithm to make their games more important or relevant, and may try to deceive users into thinking that the discount is actually bigger than it actually is. Original pre-discounted price. And these changes apply to all types of games, from the most suspected cheaters or the ones who make the most money from users to the biggest AAA games.

The details of the changes are as follows:

– You can run an introductory discount, but once your introductory discount is over you will not be able to run any other discount for 28 days.

– Your product cannot be discounted for 28 days after the price increase in any currency.

– Discounts cannot be activated within 28 days of their previous discount, except for seasonal events throughout Steam.

– Discounts for seasonal sales events cannot be activated within 28 days of the launch of your game, 28 days after the release discount or 28 days after the price increase on any currency.

– You can not change your price when an ad is active now or planned for the future.

– A product cannot be reduced by more than 90% or less than 10%.

– Personalized discounts do not last more than two weeks or less than 1 day.

Does it really work? Who knows! But this certainly seems plausible in theory, at least.

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