Steam Introduces Game Awards 2021 Offers, and You May Be Interested In These 10 Discount Games

The Valve Store has some recommended releases with various discounts.


Tonight, starting at 01:00 (Spanish time), Delivery Gala Sports Awards 2021. An event that you can follow directly from the 3DJuegos pages, but it also inspires you to start similar endeavors Festival of Demos on the Xbox Or the promotion of offers Steam.

The Half-Life Parent Store ad, which could otherwise have starred in this year’s recommended video games, lets you find it. Small or large discounts Titles like Deathloop, It Takes Two, Inscryption, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Resident Evil 8: Village. Similarly, there are sections dedicated to award-winning titles in previous editions.

As usual on 3DJuegos when it comes to sales campaign we like to have many discount video games that we believe are good purchases.

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