July 1, 2022

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Steam has already set a second record this year and has surpassed 28 million users simultaneously

Steam game site
Steam game site

It was only two days into the year Steam Already set a record: more than 27.9 million users are simultaneously connected to the platform, while more than 8 million users are playing a topic on the list. With that achievement, the site left the number accumulated in November last year. However, a few days later, PC made it clear yesterday that its ceiling would still rise Set a peak of 28.2 million users connected simultaneously.

After the record of January 2 was known – the media reported Command- Clarification was sought at the Association of Offerings launched in anticipation of the anniversary and the holiday season to be enjoyed in various parts of the world. It was already speculated at the time that the site would surpass itself in the short term, depending on the past from the previous peak. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Yesterday the platform connected 28,230,661 million users simultaneously, with nearly 8 million people playing. The epidemic, no doubt, indicates a favorable environment for the growth of the gaming industry, but in many respects when the situation returns to normal the new numbers achieved show a trend, and in many others continue to expand. Cases.

In this framework, the analyst Daniel Ahmed | Realized that position He listed it with the peaks recorded by Steam in January over the past few years. In 2019 it peaked at 17.6 million simultaneous users, while in 2020 that number rose to 18.3 million. In 2021, on the other hand, there was a huge leap connecting 25.4 million people simultaneously, finally surpassing 28 million yesterday.

These are some of the most collaborative games to set a new record – two clearly dominant titles, CSGO and Dota 2 – and reached the pinnacle of players yesterday, According to data provided by Steam, In addition to those with more players at the time of closing this note:

Counter Strike: Global Attack: 881.051 Jugator

-Tota 2: 748,270 players

-Apex Legends: 237,441 players

-Rust: 142,760 players

-Team Fort 2: 89,359 players

-New World: 109,344 players

-Grand Theft Auto V: 152,326 players

-Destiny 2: 76,264 players

-MIR4: 68,666 players

-ARK: Survival generated by: 92,835 players

Citizenship Evil Village
Citizenship Evil Village

The year began to move for Steam, which also announced the winners of its own awards, giving platform players the opportunity to choose their favorite topics of the year. In the main category – the best game of the year – the winner Citizenship Evil Village It left titles like Valheim, New World, Cyberpunk 2077 and Forza Horizon. Remaining winners: Cooking Simulator VR (VR game), Terreria (With love and dedication), It takes two (Better with friends) Forza Horizon 5 (Excellent visual style), Deathloop (Very innovative game), Neo2 (Better game than bad is given to you) Guardians of the Marvel Marvel (Best Soundtrack), Cyberpunk 2077 (Full of stories) and Agricultural Simulator22 (Sit and relax).

Thanks to the continuous expansion of the user site, in addition to the possibility of setting new records in the short term, Valve can at any time reveal important information about what is one of the releases that has generated the most interest in recent months. It was known that he was going to start last year Steam platform, Your own portable console that allows you to access the game list from another device. Although its release was initially planned for late 2021, it was finally postponed to February due to a lack of components affecting the entire industry. However, there is no definite date for coming to the market yet, but bookings have been activated in different regions, so there will be definite news soon.

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