Squid Game Characters Number: Who are The Main Cast?

Squid Game on Netflix has become a huge hit thanks to its interesting story and memorable characters. Even though they have done terrible things, some of the most interesting people in the competition have shown that they can still be liked.

When hundreds of people compete against each other in a life-or-death game, viewers can see how far people will go to stay alive.

The show’s most likable main characters have a good reason to keep fighting, and even though they are in a violent competition, they can still be kind.

Who in Squid Game?

For a Korean drama, the cast of Squid Game is pretty diverse, with some white and Indian actors as well as Korean ones.

Lee Jung-Jae, who plays Seong Gi-hun, Jung Ho-Yeon, who plays Kang Sae-byeok, Park Hae-soo, who plays Cho Sang-woo, Wi Ha-Joon, who plays Hwang Jun-ho, Oh Young-soo, who plays Oh Il-Nam, Heo Sung-Tae, who plays Jang Deok-su, Kim Joo-ryung, who plays Han Mi-nyeo

Oh Il-Nam

Player 001 says that he is a nice, weak old man with a brain tumour. Gi-hun is drawn to him right away, and he does everything he can to protect him until the fourth game when he has to trick the old man to stay alive.

squid game characters number

The guard then shoots him, which is one of the saddest parts of the show. At that point, viewers find out his name is Oh Il-nam.

In a twist that will blow your mind, the last episode of Squid Game shows that Il-nam is the smartest character.

He came up with the idea for the violent competition because he wanted to “feel alive” again. At this point, viewers probably no longer cared about him because he had made both the players and the audience think he was just another helpless victim of the VIPs.

Jang Deok-Su

Deok-su is a classic gangster who likes to bully others to make himself feel better. He is to blame for some of the worst things that have happened in Squid Game, like starting a riot that killed several people. He has no other way to stay alive than to use other people and put them in danger.

It’s hard to watch him push people to their deaths in the fifth game, but the aggressive character wouldn’t do anything different.

Even so, most fans know that he was just pushed into a corner like the other players, and it was still shocking to see the fear in his eyes as he fell to his death.

Han Mi-Nyeo

At first, no one likes Mi-nyeo because he is loud and annoying. She gets players like Deok-su to do what she wants so she can join the best team.

Her strategies only get her so far, though. In the fourth game, players turn away from her and leave her alone, which isn’t surprising since she’s been called the “weakest link” in the whole competition.

This character’s life changes in the fifth game, when she shows Deok-su and the audience that she always does what she says she will do.

It was disturbing to see the happiness and acceptance in her eyes as she hugged Deok-su and pulled him down from the platform.

She was brave enough to give up everything to get back at the sneaky gangster, just as she had promised she would if he ever betrayed her.

Hwang Jun-Ho

Jun-ho is a smart and skilled character, and there’s no doubt about that. It takes courage and smarts to sneak onto a well-guarded island and figure out how they do things without being caught.

Fans were saddened by his death because they liked how hard he tried to find his missing brother.

squid game characters number

Jun-ho only wanted to save his brother, who turned out to be The Front Man and would kill him in the end. He tried to do the right thing by telling the authorities about the competition, but it was too late.

He was too focused on his own goal of finding In-ho. He could have done a lot of things differently, but in such a stressful situation, it’s understandable that the hero would make mistakes.

Hwang In-Ho

The Front Man, who is also called In-ho, is in charge of making sure the games go well. He takes care of any problems and is in charge of making the VIPs feel welcome and having fun.

One of these things is that Jun-ho sneaks onto the island. If a police officer got away, the whole competition could be messed up.

In another shocking part of the show, In-ho turns out to be Jun-missing ho’s brother. After winning his round of the contest, In-ho has become cold-hearted and shoots the police officer.

By doing this, he shows that the deadly competition is more important to him than his own family. This is a sad scene that shows how far In-ho will go every year to keep the games safe.

Cho Sang-Woo

Some people who like Squid Game think that Sang-woo isn’t that bad. He has become a very divisive character among fans, with some saying that his terrible actions were okay.

Most fans still think that Sang-sacrifice woo’s in the last episode doesn’t make up for all of the times he betrayed his friends.

Sang-woo did help his team get through some tough rounds, like Tug of War, but he did this more to make sure he would live.

He is quick to betray his closest friends, like when he let Gi-hun pick the umbrella in the second game and when he tricked Ali in the fourth one.

Some fans still feel bad for the player, even though all he was trying to do was clear his name so he could face his mom with no shame.


Fans probably didn’t expect Ji-Yeong to be such a likable player. At first, she seems like a casual person who is quick to yell at a teammate for praying too loudly.

In the next game, she offers to be Sae-partner byeok’s out of the blue, which turns out to be a bad idea.

As the two waits for the last few minutes of the game, Ji-Yeong tells them about her chaotic past. She tells the sad story of how she killed her abusive father and went to jail because of it.

Ji-Yeong tells Sae-byeok that she has nothing to live for, while she does. She loses the game on purpose so that Sae-byeok can stay alive.

Fans probably couldn’t stop crying when brave Ji-Yeong cried in her last moments and said she was glad she got to meet Sae-byeok.

Kang Sae-Byeok

As someone who ran away from North Korea, Sae-byeok has learned that she can only depend on herself to get through the worst situations.

But as the competition goes on, she comes to trust people like Gi-hun, Sang-woo, and Ali. She eventually becomes more open, and in the fourth game, she tells Ji-Yeong about her family and goals.

Fans have grown to like Sae-byeok because of how strong she is and how much she wants to live for her brother.

Because of this, her character’s death was one of the saddest in Squid Game. Fans won’t soon forget the touching scene where she talks to Gi-hun right before she dies.

Seong Gi-Hun

The main character of the show is not supposed to be a perfect hero. Gi-hun is a flawed person who makes mistakes because he is a bad parent and a gambler. Because of this, it’s easier to understand him and praise him for making tough choices during the games.

squid game characters number

Gi-hun makes it to the end because he is smart, brave, and has a lot of luck. He’s willing to give up the whole prize money just to save Sang-woo, which shows how caring and compassionate he still is after everything he’s been through.

If the show is picked up for another season, there’s a good chance that fans will see more of how brave and determined he is.

Abdul Ali

Ali is by far the most interesting person on the show. In the first episode, “Red Light, Green Light,” the kind-hearted player shows that he is willing to risk his own life to save Gi-hun by lifting him.

As an immigrant, he knows what it’s like to be mistreated by mean people, and he doesn’t want anyone else to go through what he did.

Ali helps Gi-hun and his team win every game by working with them. He is very useful in Tug of War and during the violent riots because of how strong he is.

He is willing to do anything to keep his friends alive, which makes it easy for Sang-woo to trick him in the fourth game.

Ali’s face shows his disappointment, shock, and sadness when he finds out what Sang-woo did. It’s almost too painful to see. He was too trusting and naive to be able to keep up with the fierce competition.

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